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About Us

Elmer's Leftovers Ball is where we serve unlimited fresh pizzas to our fans. Why? Read the story below and then perhaps you'll understand. 

The legend of Elmer

Once upon a time, there was (and still is, we hope) a man named Elmer. One Monday night he became hungry, so he came to Burattino at 10pm, a full hour after the shop was closed, and demanded that we bake him a pizza. We offered Elmer a free pizza that someone else ordered but didn't pick up, but he told us to go f-k ourselves. The rest is history. While we believe that this fan-created comics tells the whole story in a visually captivating way, our certified Elmer historian also required that we post Elmer's original Yelp review and our response here 

The Rules

The event is open to all, but you must adhere to our rules, which are non-negotiable!

  1. During the event, you must call everyone “Elmer”!

  2. You must respond to “Elmer” as well! (You will get your original name back at 11pm).

  3. Pizza is to be referred to ONLY as “leftovers”, even though it’s fresh, to honor legacy of the original Elmer.

  4. You will eat whatever we give you - beggars can’t be choosers, remember? 😉

  5. Under no circumstances can you say "thank you" or "please"! Instead, you must use Elmerisms, such as “WTF is that?”, “Is that all?”, and “hurry up!” 

  6. Tuxes aren’t required, but some attire is appreciated. NO CLOTHES, NO SERVICE

  7. You must arrive in person - we don’t effin deliver leftovers!

  8. If you see Chef Lee, you must ask him if he's Italian.


Watch some fun moments from the last ball!

NOTE: We don't send email notifications, and you can't sign up for event updates. The only way to learn about the event is by watching our Instagram posts (we typically announce them a couple of days in advance). Also, there's no schedule. Elmer's Balls are held randomly, but always on Mondays. 

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