About Us

Once upon a time, there was (and still is, we hope) a man named Elmer. One Monday night he became hungry. He came to Burattino at 10pm, after the shop was closed for an hour, and demanded that we bake him a  pizza. We couldn't, but we offered him two pizzas that someone didn't pick up for FREE (they were still warm, btw). He called a-holes, told us to go f-k our selves and left a 1-star Yelp review. Who wouldn't, right? We shared his Yelp review on our response on IG, and a new movement (maybe even a religion) was born. On random Monday nights, always at 10pm (the time the original Elmer showed up) Burattino fans gather in our parking lot and we serve them unlimited pizzas from our menu. Everything is free, but there are some ground rules that must be strictly observed.

Our Story

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