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We're  Expanding!

Since 2016, pizza lovers have been flocking to Burattino from all parts of Los Angeles to enjoy our distinct thin crust, artisanal spirit, and sincere hospitality.


Once we started sharing our videos online, our community of die-hard fans exploded globally to over 1.2 million active followers. It turned out that even in our technological age people appreciate food made by people with real passion. With our videos being viewed over a billion times, Burattino built significant brand recognition and demand for our pizza. Our restaurants in California and Toronto are among the highest grossing pizza shops in North America.

As a result, we’ve recently partnered with the world’s largest franchise development company to help us expand our concept to more places. Starting approximately May, we'll be able to grant franchises both in the US and internationally. Consistent with our overall approach, we go for quality over quantity. In the first couple of years we plan to open selective franchise locations and put everything we’ve got into making them (our franchisee’s) a smashing successes! 


If you’re interested in this franchise opportunity, please fill out & submit a form below, and we’ll contact you very soon!


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