The Pizza Adventures Club

Where your pizza fantasies come true! 

Every week we’ll invite select fans into our kitchen for an amazing gastronomical adventure! You will taste/review Chef Lee's new pizza recipes for our entire online audience! (Over 200K followers on IG & TikTok!)


Guests will also bring their own ingredients to create one-of-a-kind pizzas. The more unusual the better! If you're interested, submit your ideas and contact information below.


Let's hang out in our kitchen and share great pizzas and stories!

Goin The Pizza Adventures Club!

Please provide your contact information and briefly describe your idea for a one-of-a-kind pizza!

We will contact you with proposed dates/times!

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In our very first episode our guest is Holly, who’s been our loyal customer for some time. She also runs her own Korean food blog on IG called NonYoMomasPantry. Holly’s idea was to create a Kalbijeem Pizza (a Korean beef pot roast with braised potatoes). As a bonus, Holly also brought her own Korean Chicken Wing sauce! Sizzle, baby, sizzle!


In our second episode our guest is Manny Sedano. Many's idea was to make a nacho pizza based on his own recipe.

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Our guest Linda Cunningham brings genuine flavors of Ireland to create an amazing pizza that would make Conor McGregor proud (we hope 😂) 

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We make one-of-a-kind Mac & Cheese pizza with Cheetos! The guests are long-time Burattino fans Carla and Gus! 

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Our guests April and Erik came with homemade gravy and some delicious cheeses, shipped directly from Wisconsin, to make the Canadian classic -Poutine pizza!

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Gracelyn Cammareri really brings it home with this delicious pizza recipe! Not-Your-Nonna's-Pizza for sure!

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When kids get involved, expect nothing but joy!

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